Jimmys Secret Stash 2 0 May 2013 Song 3

As we close out another year, here is a look back at the great songs that were released this year. I always bemoan how slow and few and far between good songs reach the landscape, so looking back over this list, I was pleased to realize that we actually got some real winners in 2013. I also think it is safe to post this with only a few more days left to go, as we have Beyonce’s surprise album out of the way and I don’t think anyone else has the cajones to try to top that so soon after she did. Sadly, I have picked through the surprise album and nothing stuck like I wanted it to. Yes, it’s a pretty collection of videos mostly of Beyonce chomping gum and flicking her hair, but musically it fell flat.

Wow! 3 posts in about 4 days. I think that posting the playlist online has been a good move as I am finally getting more content on here. But enough about me, let’s move on to the next track, which comes to us from Melbournians NERVO. They write it in all capitals, so it’s not like I am screaming at you. They are twins who began modelling and later went into music production (more successfully than Agyness Deyn I may add). The girls have written and cowritten quite a few hits including When Love Takes Over (yes, that one) as well as one of two tracks offered to Kylie called Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) *sidenote, Kylie chose the twins’ version over Nerina Pallot’s*. However, I have never quite loved any of the hits they wrote for themselves, until this buttery little number:

Fred Falke did an amazing remix on this; I found the production on the original version a bit too jarring behind the smooth vocals. He strips it back and elevates this song into smooth, shimmering perfect-poolside confection. Falke has done several mixes before that I think really improves on his source material from Girls Aloud’s recent comeback/farewell single Something New to Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. He also turned in a great mix of Nicole Sherzinger’s Don’t Hold Your Breath that was eclipsed only by Bimbo Jones’ s sublime turn.  But let’s turn back to NERVO for a moment. I am hoping that we get more tracks like this remixed in capable hands with their upcoming album, because when it is right, it is really good. They have a great track record (pun intended), so hopefully they will be paired with good producers and we will hear much more fantastic work from them.  Now, I didn’t post actual video for this song although one has been released. I much prefer this mix to the original, but the video is well worth checking out. It’s got a slow-burning sadness to it that is quite heart rending. I don’t wanna spoil anything, so I will leave it at that. I just wanted you to hear what I feel is the best version of the song first. Also, the video is a bit distracting although it does add more to the song at the same time. Well done, twinnies!