Benny Benassi

This song really caught my eye when I first heard it. I must say though, it’s not R3HAB’s normal style but that is not to say that this song is bad. It’s very good. In fact it’s good enough that Tiesto aired it in his podcast Club Life. With that said, if you are an electro fan I’m sure you’ll love this song because it drops pretty hard.

Enjoy 🙂

[ilink url=’’%5DQueen of Hearts – R3HAB Remix! DOWNLOAD[/ilink]

R3hab is one of my favorite new artists of 2011. Along with Cazzette, they have brough a fresh new sound to the electro-house genre and I think between the two of these groups electro-house will be heading a great direction in the future, not to mention with support from current producers. R3hab kills it in this song just like he does will all his other songs; great pitch effects and A DIRTY ASS DROP.

Start jumping now.

[ilink url=’’ style=’download’]Close to Me (R3hab Remix) Download[/ilink]