I want to talk you guys about Dj Starmist

Some of my readers ask me about true independent tech house producers… well, I bring you Dj Starmist with this eargasm:

The track comes in the form of a new instrumental (emphasis on the -mental) track ‘Dj Starmist Gigamix 2015’ synth arrangements fade in and out of one another as Dj Starmist adds a heavenly pad extension into the mix, resulting in a ride through tech house soundscapes and off the wall production. Check out the track above and be on the lookout for more music from Dj Starmist in the near future.

More info:

DJ Starmist is 30 year old professional DJ and producer, Sturla Sivertsen from Kristiansund, Norway.

Mostly known for his skills within genres of techno, dance music and house variations production wise.

Also delivering high performance skills on the DJ level as well.


Has released 3 albums officially on Starmist Records, his own record label.

Along with about a dozen singles on the same label.

Although most of his collection of 300+ extra tracks remains unreleased and is used in his sets.

Plans are being made to release all of his tracks on various labels.

Also started an online label for promoting unsigned artists.

That label is called Red Lake Records.


I grew up in the little town of Dombas, Norway, where I met my passion for music. In 1992,

when ace of base dropped their Happy Nation album, I got into it and was really facinated with it.

And from there on a journey of a lot of artist fame from newer and newer artists

made me very interested in how they made their music.

Still young, I was introduced to music making and

I started out with the cheap programs that you could buy at the local shops.

From that time I was really into music.

Things accelerated and a few years later, I was making music myself.

I started buying more and more VST plugins and programs + sample packs when i moved to

Kristiansund, Norway in year 2000.

Since then I have gone through many genres, but mainly my passion is

Club House, House, Progressive House, Trance, Techno and Breaks.

Dj Starmist Facebook

Until next time,


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