How I Heard 2013

As I sit here and start typing, I have a playlist of my favourite tracks from 2013 playing from the Spotify App on my iPad. <My Tracks of 2013> I’ve typed that because I’m of an age where I remember going into Woolies in Bushey during the mid 1980s and buying cassette tapes with my pocket money. A time where you listened to one album at a time, recorded the Top 40 off the radio & likely didn’t venture that far from what you knew musically; unless you lived near a record shop and had some cash.

Those cassettes I bought weren’t always pop albums though, up until I was about 10 I was into classical and other instrumental music, I can clearly recall one Christmas sitting in my room tuning my radio to BBC Radio 3 or 4, whichever of those plays classical.

In that Woolies I remember buying tapes of TV themes, the Grange Hill Album, New Kids on the Block and a particularly treasured (at the time) album of Paddington Bear songs. Those tapes are now long gone, and there’s many a day where I have wished I’d kept them.

So to have access at my fingertips to tens of thousands of tracks is a wondrous thing, I’m not sure the youngsters of today realise how lucky they are! That said however, I think in some ways, having access to too much music has limited what I listen to, once again I’m not always venturing too far from what I already know. Something that must change in 2014.

This year my music listening has mostly been influenced by a reintroduction of running into my fitness regime, plus I joined a Spinning class in April. Which means I’m hearing modern pop and dance music a lot each week; which is why you’ll find tracks by Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Demi Lovato & their various other contemporaries within the playlist should you check it out.

There are 85 tracks currently on the playlist, it may increase as I remember other tracks I like! But I thought I would highlight just 5 of them, to give a flavour of what has stuck with me the most.

Five tracks I Enjoyed This Year

Woodkid – Run Boy Run

John Grant – GMF

But I am the greatest motherfucker

I guess it resonated as I’d love to have the confidence to think of myself as the GMF.

Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement – Get Up (Rattle)

Bastille – Flaws

Oscar Isaac – Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

So that’s a short look at how 2013 sounded to me. I’m going to do another post about some of the albums I’ve enjoyed this year. As I think about it, there really aren’t that many that I’ve listened to, once again, it’s those pesky pop and dance tracks that have taken me over this year!

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